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In A Pinch: Tips for Staying Healthy

More than a year into this pandemic we’ve been seeing numerous ways on how to stay safe, sane and healthy. With new studies and trends popping up on our timelines, it’s difficult to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t. As July marks the start of nutrition month, we’d like to give you our take on some simple ways on how to stay in tip-top shape amidst a virus outbreak!

  1. Exercise: an Essential

Staying active may be a challenging feat as we are holed up in our homes. However, these endorphin inducing activities are great ways to not only combat boredom but also diseases!  

Whether it may be a stroll around the house, a short Youtube video, or #GymIsLife routine, a recommended 30 minutes of daily physical activity goes a long way to strengthen our muscles and immune systems!

  1. Viva la Vitamins 

It goes without saying that we need any extra help we can get with a global outbreak going on. Apart from getting jabbed, regularly intaking vitamins is essential in boosting our immune systems and fighting off the virus! Aside from our trusty bottles of vitamin C, another essential nutrient often overlooked is vitamin B-12. Aiding with immunity, this particular vitamin helps prevent megaloblastic anemia, which makes you feel tired and weak. Taking in B-12 allows for energy augmentation, readily preparing us to combat the virus. 

  1. Dear Diet

Speaking of vitamin intake, one of the most important factors that affect immunity are the things you put in your body. Over the years, we’ve heard different kinds of diets come across plates–from Paleo, Keto, Vegetarian, Vegan, etc. However, despite the long lists of diets, nutrition still ranks number one.  Having whole foods that are nutrient-dense, particularly rich in fiber and vitamins, allow for a more balanced meal. 

Here at WTH Foods, we’ve powered our products from real fruits and vegetables. Apart from not having to worry about cholesterol (it’s got 0, by the way!)It is jam-packed with vitamin B-12, dietary fiber and the goodness of whole ingredients; making it a great addition to boosting your immunity during these times. 

Stay safe and healthy while you #CraveGoodFood!



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