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We at WTH Foods aim to commercialize science in the Philippines thru food innovation, and showcase Southeast Asian flavors on the global stage. We innovate food experiences and transform the way the world eats one plate at a time.

Our goal at WTH Foods is to help everyone eat healthier, while enjoying our favorite flavors. UMANI Plant-Based Meats are delicious and healthy, plant-based alternatives to the processed meat products that we love, such as sausages, corned beef, sisig, tuna, crab bites and ham.

Umani was founded with a goal to help feed 10 billion by 2050 through a sustainable source of nutritious protein – high quality, plant-based alternatives made from soy, wheat and microalgae.

In the next few years, we aim to export our products to Southeast Asian countries, like Singapore and Thailand. And then to the Middle East, Europe and North America.

We believe our plant-based alternative proteins will not only allow us to eat healthier, but will also help local farmers and the economy as we share these creations to the world.

The Road to Food Security and Sustainability

We believe that plant-based foods are key to a future that’s more food-secure and environmentally responsible. However, we also understand that for many, animal-derived meat is an important and vital (see also delicious) part of their diet. That’s why we here at WTH Foods aim to provide options that allow y’all to continue having the same scrumptious meals that are much kinder to the planet and leaves plenty for future generations to come.

Low-income families & frontliners in Metro Manila fed with nutritious and delicious plant-based meals.


Small-scale farmers who employ farming practices that support biodiversity are being supported.


Number of plant-based dishes we have come up with in our pilot kitchen.


Types of plants we are working with in our production.


Frequently Asked Questions

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WTH aims to innovate plant-based food experiences that’s good for all stakeholders, and the planet.


WTH is composed of a team of passionate individuals, who are science-driven and have a great love for food.

Get to Know How Good It Is

What some happy tummies say about us
Tonight’s dinner is courtesy of my daughter. Yay! These days, the most tasty foods I eat are the ones I did not cook because: #momlife #tiredmom
Anyways, this is an almost vegetarian spaghetti loaded with shiitake mushrooms while for ‘ground meat’ she used the ‘giniling’ from @wthfoodsph. A little goes a loooong way! We have vegan cheese in the freezer but I was too lazy to thaw it so I settled for cheddar instead.
While some of my cousins can whip up a bilao or two of palabok with their eyes closed, I find it daunting with all the processes involved. But since I can never find palabok around here that does not have meat, I finally took the leap and realized, it ain’t that difficult at all! I used a readily-available palabok mix, lots of garlic, shrimps and some of my ‘giniling’ from @wthfoodsph (tinitipid!) For garnish, there’s egg, vegetarian chicharon (I used Marty’s) aaaand because I don’t have green onions, I picked some basil leaves from the garden. Yup, it tastes as good as it looks!
The hubby and the kids love it. Tastes like meat nga and I feel so happy that the family is eating more veggies LOL. Thanks, WTH!

Recipe Inspirations

Our plant-based meat products are ready-to-eat, and easy to use to create vegan or vegetarian versions of your favorite meaty recipes.