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Our plant-based alternative proteins are sustainably made using local ingredients. We create well-loved Filipino food that is healthy and kind to all – our farmers, the animals, the planet, and especially you. We invite everyone to crave good food and enjoy plant-based versions of favorite dishes!

The Road to Food Security and Sustainability

We believe that plant-based foods are key to a future that’s more food-secure and environmentally responsible. However, we also understand that for many, animal-derived meat is an important and vital (see also delicious) part of their diet. That’s why we here at WTH Foods aim to provide options that allow y’all to continue having the same scrumptious meals that are much kinder to the planet and leaves plenty for future generations to come.

Low-income families & frontliners in Metro Manila fed with nutritious and delicious plant-based meals.


Small-scale farmers who employ farming practices that support biodiversity are being supported.


Number of plant-based dishes we have come up with in our pilot kitchen.


Types of plants we are working with in our production.


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WTH aims to innovate plant-based food experiences that’s good for all stakeholders, and the planet.


WTH is composed of a team of passionate individuals, who are science-driven and have a great love for food.

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Recipe Inspirations

Our plant-based meat products are ready-to-eat, and easy to use to create vegan or vegetarian versions of your favorite meaty recipes.