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Tips on how to segregate wastes at home

This coming World Environment Day, we want to help in our own simple ways to revive and protect our ecosystems.


What is Waste Segregation?

Waste segregation is when you separate the wet waste and dry waste in your daily consumption. This is to easily recycle the dry waste and use your wet waste as a compost.


Why is Waste Segregation important?

Hazardous wastes can cause long term health problems so it is important to dispose your wastes in a safe manner. Waste segregation also means that there is less waste that goes into the landfill which makes it better for the environment.


Here are some tips on how to segregate your waste at home:

  1. Prepare separate containers for the dry and wet wastes.
  2. Also have a separate container for your dry wastes, one for papers and one for the plastics.
  3. For glass/plastic containers, have it rinsed of food matter. 
  4. Send wet waste out of the home daily or use it as a compost, while you send dry waste out of the home once a week.

Here are some compost and recycling centers the Metro that you can visit for your recycling wastes:

  1. Keep a paper bag for throwing sanitary wastes.


We can form a group of like minded people who can practice the same process of waste segregation and share it to other family members or other people in the neighborhood. Let’s create awareness amongst our community and help make the process easier.

How do you practice your waste segregation at home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, you can also reach us out on our Facebook page ( or email us at

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