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Help us provide plant-based meals to our frontliners

I hope that your family is well and safe in these trying times.

As a plant-based food manufacturing company, at WTH Foods we believe in food innovation that creates meaningful progress in our food systems. We do not innovate for innovation’s sake. We innovate for our different stakeholders, from farmers to our customers.

In mid-March 2020, the Philippines was placed in a lockdown due to COVID-19. Overnight we lost 70% of our business. As a small business, our immediate concerns were our staff and survival. Our pilot kitchen Botany quickly shifted to takeouts and deliveries. As the dust settled and we’ve come to accept this new business norm, we found ourselves with excess kitchen capacity.

In early April we supported Good Food Community, a local organization supporting organic farmers, in their feeding program that provided food to over 250 poor families around Manila. Our adobong langka was nutritious, delicious and was a hit with the community.

Our 1+1 Thank You Meal program was born out of our desire to do our part in helping the nation overcome this pandemic, while remaining operational and supporting all our staff. We truly appreciate our many loyal customers who ordered our healthy plant-based meals for themselves and for frontliners.

Over the past few weeks, we have received many inquiries for food donations, from frontliners to private charities. As much as we’d love to answer all their calls, our resources are limited.

I thus humbly ask for your support. We have created affordable, nutritious plant-based meal packs that you may purchase for our frontliners or for organizations of your choice.* You may purchase them from us (Click this link to our order form.), and we will take care of making sure our beneficiaries receive hot, nutritious, plant-based meals.

With no end in sight to this pandemic, we ask for your continued generosity, as we do our part in helping address food insecurity amongst our vulnerable countrymen.

Thank you very much.

Stephen Co

Founder & CEO


*You can contribute by ordering our Thank You Meals – when you order a meal, we send 1 meal to a frontliner (pooled). You may also buy meals in bulk for donation to the institution of your choice.

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