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Plant-based versions of your favorite dishes made with WTH Meats

Aside from craving tasty dishes, foodies are expressing an increasing interest in foods that are good for the health, sustainable and cruelty free. We at WTH Foods are excited when chefs and business owners want to expand their menu and offer plant-based versions of their signature meaty dishes. Swapping out their ingredients for our plant-based products, they come up with delicious creations that aren’t just healthy but also save the planet one bite at a time.

We’ve partnered with talented chefs to recreate some dishes with our plant-based meat products.

Check out some of these recipes that make you #CraveGoodFood!

Garlicky Pulled-Pork Pizza by Vegan Bytes. (Ask for their special pizzas.)

Who said being plant-based was boring? Made with WTH Shredded Meat, you can enjoy a slice of this pizza, while caring for yourself and for the planet. The garlic and lemongrass blends so well together that you can finish the whole thing in one sitting. Netflix and chill, anybody?

Vegan Gising-Gising by Simple Roots.

With just the right spice, this Gising-gising hits the spot! This traditional Filipino dish was made even more flavorful because of the unique flavors of WTH Ground Meat. You wouldn’t think it wasn’t meat at all! Serve this for your next meal and impress your family with a plant-based meal that’s sure to make them look forward to the next.

Vegan Kare-Kare by Simple Roots.

We don’t know about you, but we love a good bowl of Kare-kare. With the fresh vegetables, flavorful sauce and WTH Shredded Meat, this classic Filipino dish will sure blow your mind away. No need to go out and buy all the ingredients though, because this one’s in a handy little pouch ready to be enjoyed ASAP.

Want to collaborate and partner with us?

We can send you free sample to try! Let’s #CraveGoodFood together!

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