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Beyond the pouch, LiMEATLESS Possibilities!

WTH Foods has taken the phrase Crave Good Food to a whole new level. Here in WTH, we power our products with whole plants and fortified vitamins to make it as good for your body as it is for your tastebuds! As a food innovation company, we’ve not only packed our little pouches with flavor and nutrients, but also a whole lot of possibilities!

While our products can definitely shine on its own, it’s the perfect addition to any dish! Whether you’re looking to bulk up a regular salad, or searching for a plant-powered protein to add in your beloved dishes, WTH foods is the perfect pair for you!

Here’s a glimpse of what you can do with each of our products:

WTH Ground Meat

Our WTH Ground Meat is a savory mung bean-based protein that can be used in dishes that called for ground meat!🍃

WTH Shredded Meat

Our WTH #cravegood Shredded Meat showcases a Filipino style pulled ‘pork’ made with jackfruit. It is inspired by herbs and spices of a Cebu-style lechon.

WTH Corned Beef

This flavorful and tender shreds of succulent meaty Pinoy-style Corned ‘Beef’ will definitely make anyone’s morning. WTH Corned Beef is made with jackfruit meat that is already pre-cooked and ready to heat. 🌱

WTH Nuggets

Our WTH Nuggets are cripsy morsels of ‘chicken’ nuggets made with jackfruit. It is perfect for a quick hearty snack with the sauce of your choice!

WTH Spring Rolls

Enjoy all the crispy, meaty goodness of our WTH Spring Rolls that is made from our WTH Ground Meat. You can serve it with your favorite sauce!

Remember to #CraveGoodFood

See more of the limeatless possibilities in our Recipes page and tag us when you recreate a dish or create a new masterpiece of your own!

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